We are here to augment your in-house team. Whether business demands extra hands for a specific project or long term back office help, our experienced land professionals can assist. Click here for a work flow chart illustrating ways in which our services can be integrated into your processes.

Our specialties include:

DATA Management
  • Includes all aspects of entry, lease file processing and quality control
  • Adapted to the work flow requirements of your office
KEYLand® Lease Management Software
  • Manages your lease, draft, title and obligations information in map-compliant formats
  • Provides reports, spreadsheets, lease mailout packages with a few clicks
GIS Mapping
  • Maps can be produced from spreadsheets, land records system exports, databases and other information you supply
  • Choose from our standard map types or receive a map tailored to your specific needs
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Your privacy is important to us. We respect client confidentiality and are committed to protecting it.