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Data Entry

Our personnel are intimately familiar with all nuances of front-end map data requirements. We can enter your raw ownership reports quickly and accurately to provide you a flexible map-compliant dataset for any size project.

Data Manipulation and Enhancement

Perhaps you have data in a land records system. We can properly analyze and manipulate those exported data to produce a map. Likewise, we can repair or augment your data to ensure you get the most out of them.

Data Quality Control

We can use our mapping technology to see problems in your data. For example, lessee interests might total more than 100%, map descriptions might overlap -- or not map at all -- and descriptions might produce unwanted white space. Because we can see those problems, we can repair them -- before you submit your work to anyone. For KEYLand® users, we can also automatically update your original records within your in-house system.

Prospect Management

We can supply the back office expertise to manage your play. Using KEYLand® on your behalf, we can track your lease play from cradle to grave and keep you current with up-to-the-minute reports and maps. Typically we avoid engaging directly in competitive leasing to maintain our integrity for our other clients. If we do agree to engage in leasing, we immediately warn our other clients that we are not available for the area of interest.

Since maps require many elements be systematically brought together into a quality-controlled environment, we provide both the land and technical expertise to ensure an accurate and reliable product. We can manage all aspects of data gathering and map-making for your project -- regardless of scope. We can order all data, grid and map enhancement files and keep them neatly organized for eventual delivery to you.

In addition, we can manage your long-term projects. For example, we can keep an eye on upcoming federal and state sales and provide updated maps to help you make bidding decisions. Likewise, once the sales take place, we can update your maps to show successful bidders.

Need a map-compliant brokerage firm? We know who to use to guarantee high-quality.