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Enter once

Keep information accurate. Complete a lease purchase report to automatically generate mailout lease packages, curative documents, draft and rental aging reports, title management reports, assignments and exhibits—all from what you entered.

Easy To Use

Create reports using buttons or manual queries. On reports, such as titles, curative or rentals due, action items display prominently at top. Zero in on trouble areas with automated error messages and color-coded text. Export data on any screen to a spreadsheet for any purpose. Query or sort on any field. Learn while you work using detailed mouse-over help and buttons.

Comprehensive Statuses

Use colorful text indicators to summarize the project condition. Manually set lease and production status based on current knowledge. All other statuses change based on day-to-day workflow activity. For example, enter a draft due date and draft status changes from “Outstanding” to “Due 23 Days.”

Map-Ready Data

Enter descriptions as they appear in title and attach tracts to leases to build ownership reports. Produce buy reports, title to-do lists and assignments by tract and depth. Data are always ready to be mapped with InfoShape® software and other InfoPipe products—or your own.