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Using a technology called GIS, a method of turning text-based data into colors, outlines and symbols as they relate to the geography of the land, we can reveal important trends or relationships invisible in even the most comprehensive reports. We can query the data and provide easy-to-understand answers.

We don't manually draw, color and label tracts on maps. We let our technology do that for us - consistently and automatically. Imagine changing a thousand lessee names after a company acquisition and then remaking a map by hand. We do it quickly and accurately - and deliver your new map on time!

Our maps can illustrate lesses positions, lessors holdings, lease expiration, open acreage, units, leasehold status of formations, cultural data, contractual obligations, basically any information that can be encoded for mapping.

Gain The Lead

Your data contain valuable hidden gems of information that you can exploit to your advantage. We can ferret-out those gems and give you a huge advantage over your competition. For example, our maps can show:
  • Your competitors' expiring leases so you can get a jump on top-leasing
  • Open tracts or those coming up for auction
  • Active lease-play status (open, negotiating, in-hand)
  • Environmental or other restricted areas

Manage Properties Effectively

Likewise, we can help you better manage the properties you already own by showing:
  • Trends in net revenues
  • Lease expirations
  • Rentals and drafts due
  • Unfinished curative
  • Pugh clauses
If you can ask the question, we can provide the answer in a visually comprehensive way.

To begin your map contact our office. To learn more about the mapping process check out our guidelines and suggestions!